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We’re looking for a producer to join the team for our upcoming devised musical R&D and future projects.

The production will take place from April to July this year (details below) and is planned to be a devised musical that will be created in a collaborative style and will explore the important theme of being an immigrant theatre performer in the UK. 

*** Please note that this production is not Jewish-themed. We’re looking for applicants from all backgrounds, cultures, and religions. We are only Jew-ISH, so don’t let that scare you! ***

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We are looking for:

An energetic and passionate producer, who can help us run this production smoothly, as our in-house producer Ashley is going on maternity leave. It is very important to us that whoever joins us for this production is passionate about this topic.


About us:

The JEWish CABARET is a theatre group which aims to create innovative, socially aware, and entertaining music and theatre productions that challenge perceptions and stereotypes through humour and satire, while drawing from our Jewish and LGBTQ+ identity and culture.

Production timeline:


The devising process will take place in weekly meetings across April - June (to be coordinated with the cast), and will culminate in an intensive R&D week in July with 3 performances at its end in order to collect feedback. 

In addition, there will be a fundraising cabaret evening on Saturday 20th May where we will also present the wonderful cast and give our audiences a taste of what’s to come. Please keep that day free if possible.


We are doing all we can to ensure that this role will be paid, as deserved. We are waiting to hear back from the Arts Council application we submitted, and hope to be able to provide equity rate payment. However, since Brexit the Arts Council grants have become even more competitive than ever before, and we are also preparing ourselves for a scenario in which this production will be self-funded. In that case the pay will be on a profit-share basis, with a contribution of funds from our two fundraising cabaret and other fundraising efforts. 

​To submit:

If you're interested in taking part, please email us to


  • A few words about yourself and your experience

  • A few words about the reason you are interested in the role 


Submission deadline is noon 20th March 2023.

Meetings with relevant applicants will take place from mid-end March 2023. 


We look forward to hearing from you,

The JEWish CABARET team.

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