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Purim Cabarets

Purim Uncut 2018

Following the success of the first iteration of the show, we reprised it with a few changes, added puppetry and made it even crazier and funnier!


Guest Musician:

Steph began playing the violin and piano aged 4; by 12, he had completed all of ABRSM’s 8 grades on both instruments and began developing himself in areas not covered by the syllabus. As a self-taught guitarist, this new instrument opened up a new palate of genres (rock, jazz, pop and more) which he incorporated into his violin and piano playing alongside Middle Eastern and Oriental influences from his family heritage.

For the past few years he has also been front man of London-based rock trio Immortal Machinery who regularly perform up and down the UK as well as in Scandinavia and Europe.

Purim Uncensored 2017

The first event of The JEWish CABARET:
Let us tell you the tale of Purim with songs from The Musical Theatre Hall of Fame
We are going to make history! Or at least re-write some story that claims to be history.



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