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Jewbilee - Celebrating 2 Years for The JEWish CABARET

In March 2017, we came into the world belting “Oy!” in our interpretation of the tale of Purim. Since then, we started crawling towards finding our own voice, culminating in writing our first original musical, while making friends and writing songs along the way. We’ve invited our besties to share with you some of our finest moments - and more...

Jew you believe in life after love? 
We’re back following the smashing success of “Jew You Love Me?” abroad. Join us in celebrating our anniversary of cutting the chord (and other things…) with our debut Purim Cabaret two years ago!

Musical Direction:

Inga Davis-Rutter


Josh Becker, Thomas Cove, David Djemal, Tamar Geist, Batel Israel, Martine Berg, Anna Oggero, William Osbeldiston-Hawkes, Marff Pothen, Ashley Racov, Shachar Shamai, Emily Rose Simons, Tanya Truman

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