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Who’s afraid of the big bad BELT?!

What is “Belting”? 
When should I use it? 
Is there only one way to belt?
Can anyone belt? 
How is belting different for men and women? 

Whether you are classically trained or a jazz singer, we should all explore the possibilities our voices have to offer. 

Join The JEWish Cabaret for a special workshop led by Shar Shamai to talk - or sing to be exact - through all of those burning questions that confuse many singers.

In this workshop each participant will get a chance to sing and work on a song of their choice. We will use practical methods to find and hone your control over those tricky “money notes”. This will be a great chance to sing in front of colleagues in a fun, friendly and non-judgmental environment, where our voices can “crack” or “break” together. 

Shachar (Shar) Shamai completed his second MA degree in music - MA Musical Theatre at GSA after graduating with an MA in Classical Singing. As well as being the co-founder and writer/composer of The JEWish Cabaret, Shar teaches at several musical theatre academies including AMTA (London) Urdang academy (London) and PPA (Guildford). He constantly keeps learning and seeking a better understanding of the human voice.

Dance Attic Rehearsal Studios
Old Fulham Baths
368 North End Road, 
Fulham, London, SW6 1LY

Name of Room: The Crow's Nest

17 of August, 10:30am to 4:30pm

Full price: £65 
Early Bird price of £55 available until the 1st of August with this code - EarlyBelter


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