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Café Named Desire 2020

A video recording of the musical as performed in its first ever run back in 2018 will be available for streaming as part of the Online Fringe Festival (OFF) for a week between the 11th-17th of May.


“Café Named Desire” (previously known as "Jew You Love Me?") is an original new musical about love, sexuality, and self discovery. It is a lighthearted musical comedy conceived by the JEWish Cabaret, and is the first musical written by Djemal & Shamai following their successful cabaret productions in previous years.

A previous iteration of "Café Named Desire" premiered in July 2018 under the title - "Jew You Love Me?" at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre and received very positive reviews. "Jew You Love Me?" subsequently toured Israel following an invitation from the International Festival of Contemporary Jewish Culture in Jerusalem in November 2018.

We have since made some rewrites to the book, music, and lyrics, with the view to produce a full run of the musical in autumn or the beginning of next year following a few table-reads and an R&D prior to a full production.

We are currently working on taking the show forward and we will soon have exciting news to share about the musical's future!

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The Trailer


Check out the official trailer for ‘Jew You Love Me? - A New Musical’ following our sold out run at the Lion and Unicorn last month!
Our cast and crew are working hard at making the show even better, and we should be able to release even more exciting news about where we are performing next shortly.
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We dedicated the song "God is Love" to the Jerusalem Equality March, and to all the Rabbis who have forgotten their obligation to love others as themselves. 


The song describes the inner turmoil of Bracha, a young Orthodox woman facing the all too known supposed contradiction between her love of God and her love of women.

From the reviews

LONDON PUB THEATRES (Sepy Baghaei)  “a little musical with a big heart” 

"It is clear that Djemal and Shamai understand the ingredients of a successful musical. There is tension in each of the three major threads, broken up by a number of strong comedic interludes’. 

Building on the music, there was an overall sense of joy, celebration and positivity throughout which was lovely to see.

Overall, The Jewish Cabaret have pulled off something quite special. Jew You Love Me? simultaneously delves into what it can mean to look for love as a member of the British-Jewish community, while presenting narratives that can also be related to by audience members of non-Jewish backgrounds."

The full review: (Michael Davis)

"Jew You Love Me? has the distinction of not only being a British musical, it focuses on the seldom explored subject of being Jewish in the UK – as part of society as a whole and within their own community. Set within Golders Green in north London, the fictitious nexus of this neighbourhood is a café called ‘Desire’." 

The full review: (Chris Omaweng)

"Religious traditions are brought into question in Jew You Love Me?, a musical that ultimately sends out a message that ... Love expresses itself in many different ways, and various forms of sexual orientations and consented relationships all have their place in the modern world, and should be celebrated. 
Because of the convincing plotlines, the show overall leaves its audiences with a mixture of feelings. This is not a straightforward comedy. It is more of a multi-layered tale of lust, love and loss... there is still much to be taken away from a compelling and accessible production that refreshingly departs from ‘A meets B and they live happily ever after in perpetual bliss’."

The full review:

Life in the cheap seats - Webcowgirl's London Theatre Reviews

"And LOOK, here I was in London in 2018, and the community that I am not a part of but which lives side by side with me is doing their own theater, theater that represents THEM, and I am having this opportunity to get to learn about another culture and other values and, look at Bracha, the same conflicts and heartaches that have been going on for centuries when you want to fit in, you want to do right, but you just can’t seem to live up to what is expected of you."

The full review:


Musical Director:
Kieran Stallard 


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